Triumph Brewhouse 1962 Tropicale T-Shirt

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Elevate your style with the Triumph Brewhouse 1962 Tropicale T-Shirt, a fusion of rich history and vibrant tropical flavor. Crafted to pay homage to Coventry's iconic cathedral stained glass windows, the 1962 Tropicale is a "Tropical Ale" that commemorates the inauguration of the new Coventry Cathedral in 1962.


A symphony of imagery unfolds on this black canvas. Iconic beer-related elements—bottles, pints, and wheat—dance together, echoing the artistry found in Triumph's brews. At the center, a pint glass silhouette takes prominence, adorned with the label of the 1962 Tropicale, demanding attention with its intricate detailing.

Whether you're sipping on the 1962 Tropicale or wearing this shirt, you carry with you a piece of Coventry's legacy, celebrated in every drop and every thread. Triumph Brewhouse: Where Craft Meets Culture.

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